Hope and healing for Massachusetts

We’re facing a mental health crisis. A third of Massachusetts residents struggle with severe anxiety or depression. Daily medications, traditional therapies, and other coping mechanisms help some get by. But for many, these tools aren’t working. Pioneering research from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, New York University and other leading institutions shows that psychedelic-assisted therapy can help people suffering from serious mental health issues. Massachusetts for Mental Health Options is a 2024 ballot question committee supporting a voter initiative to enable safe, regulated access to psychedelic-assisted therapy. If approved in the November 2024 election, our measure will create a program to train psychedelic facilitators and establish psychedelic therapy centers in Massachusetts.

We have a mental health crisis, an addiction crisis, and a loneliness and suicide crisis, and these substances can help with all those. To not allow access at this point is an injustice.

Sarko Gergerian, Boston area police lieutenant and psychotherapist

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated by the lack of effective resources available within the VA and privately which is why I’m eager to help more people gain access to these powerful and effective options.

Emily Oneschuk, US Navy Veteran and Wakefield, MA native

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