We’re facing a mental health crisis.

Daily medications, traditional therapies, and other coping mechanisms help some people. But for many, these tools aren’t working. Promising research from leading universities—including many prestigious institutions in Massachusetts—shows that natural psychedelics can help people struggling with serious mental health challenges. Our ballot question would create regulated and licensed therapeutic access to natural psychedelic medicines for veterans struggling with PTSD, individuals facing terminal illness, and adults 21 and older dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

What does the research say about natural medicine?

Find out more about the research here.

Who will the ballot question help?

Our ballot question is a lifeline for veterans struggling with PTSD, patients facing terminal illnesses, and adults seeking breakthrough therapies for persistent mental health challenges. Psychedelic medicine can provide healing and hope where other mental health treatments have failed.

How do psychedelic therapies work?

Psychedelic therapies aren’t everyday medicines like most pharmaceutical products. Patients can experience profound benefits from natural medicine in regulated licensed treatment centers once or twice a year. Psychedelics are powerful substances and their use is not without risk; these therapies will be administered only in the presence of a licensed facilitator. Treatment isn’t instantaneous. Patients attend a safety screening, a preparation and administrative session, and an integration session prior to beginning their treatment.

Patients are beginning to access treatment in Oregon. Learn more about their stories.

How will the ballot question work?

The ballot question would create a regulated therapeutic framework to access psilocybin and four other natural medicines. Adults over the age of 21 would be able to access these medicines in the presence of licensed facilitators. In addition, the initiative will remove criminal penalties for people who possess natural psychedelics for personal use. However, the ballot question would NOT legalize retail sales of psychedelic medicines.

What are “natural psychedelics”?

Natural psychedelics are substances made in nature, they have been used across civilization for millenia, for both healing and spiritual purposes. Simply put, natural psychedelics affect the brain’s plasticity, which can affect how an individual perceives themselves and the world around them.

Would the ballot question allow for the sale of natural medicines for recreational use?


Will medicinal cannabis dispensaries be able to sell psychedelics?


How would Massachusetts residents be able to access natural medicine?

The ballot question would create a state-regulated therapeutic system for safe, facilitated access to natural psychedelic medicine. Adults 21 and older could access psychedelic medicines that show promise in treating mental health conditions while under the guidance of a trained facilitator at designated and licensed healing centers and in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Will the ballot question allow for home cultivation of natural medicines?

Yes, the ballot question would legalize limited cultivation of natural psychedelic substances at home for personal use only.

When will Massachusetts vote on the ballot question?

Tuesday, November 5, 2024!

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Has something like this been done in other states?

Yes! Voters in Colorado in 2022 and Oregon in 2020 voted overwhelmingly to create regulated therapeutic access to psychedelic medicines in recent years. Many other states are considering legislation to do the same. Massachusetts is a natural fit to be the next state to allow access for veterans and patients in need — MA leads the nation in psychedelic medicine research. Local institutions like Mass General Hospital and Harvard’s new Study of Psychedelics in Society and Culture center lead the country and the world in shining a light on the potential of these treatments.

Will this treatment be too expensive?

The reason we filed this ballot question was to create a regulatory framework for psychedelic therapies and to make natural medicines accessible as an option for those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

Early implementation in Oregon suggests that these treatments vary between $850 and $1,500 for ten hours of therapeutic administration. As with all new treatments and medications, we anticipate the cost coming down as licensed providers become available to the general public. Access is critical as there are too many people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression who could benefit and are interested in this treatment option. For example, there are already thousands of people on the waitlist in Oregon to receive these treatments.

What’s being done in Colorado in Oregon to help underwrite costs?

There are nonprofits that are able to help patients access these medicines where payment is a barrier. We anticipate that while cost will come down for these treatments as the number of licensed providers increases, there will be funds available through nonprofit partners to help offset costs early on and to promote access.

Will these natural medicines/natural therapeutics be available for retail sale?


Key Facts


The ballot question is designed to allow for regulated, safe access to natural psychedelic medicines for veterans struggling with PTSD, patients facing terminal illness, and adults seeking breakthrough therapies for mental health challenges. Adults seeking treatment will be able to access research-backed therapies at licensed centers and natural medicines will be available for medicinal sale and supervised use only.


Psychedelic medicines are non-addictive and have been shown to provide profound benefits to people struggling with mental health challenges. Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins and other leading research universities have studied psychedelic therapies while the FDA has granted psilocybin, “breakthrough treatment” status for its success with treatment resistant depression. The ballot question provides access for these research-backed breakthrough treatment options in regulated, safe environments.

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