Giving Massachusetts the Opportunity to Access Breakthrough Mental Health Tools

Massachusetts for Mental Health Options

One in three Massachusetts residents struggles with their mental health, and deaths of despair are on the rise. Studies from Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, and many other leading research institutions show that natural psychedelic medicines paired with therapeutic support can help people with severe depression and other mental health challenges.

Massachusetts for Mental Health Options (MMHO) is supporting a 2024 ballot question to create a responsible, regulated program for therapeutic access to natural psychedelics. Through this initiative we can bring these tools to people facing terminal illness, veterans, first responders, and others who deserve access to healing.



Natural psychedelics are substances made in nature, they have been used across civilization for millenia, for both healing and spiritual purposes. Natural psychedelics affect the brain’s plasticity, which can affect how an individual perceives themselves and the world around them.

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Our ballot question is a lifeline for veterans struggling with PTSD, individuals facing terminal illnesses, and adults seeking breakthrough therapies for persistent mental health challenges. Psychedelic medicine can provide healing and hope where other mental health treatments have failed.

Psychedelic therapies aren’t everyday medicines like most pharmaceutical products. Individuals can experience profound benefits from natural medicine in regulated licensed treatment centers once or twice a year.


"The entire process helped me weave the disparate and difficult pieces of my life together in a way that I couldn’t access in traditional talk therapy and the profound effects of that retreat stay with me to this day. I’m incredibly grateful for the support I received and wish I could grant the many other people I know struggling with their own battles the same opportunity I was afforded."

Emily Oneschuk

US Navy Veteran, Wakefield Native, MMHO Grassroots Campaign Director

"I know we are all connected to people who need more options because they have reached the end of their rope. Let’s be honest that options do exist, they are helpful, and should be made available to the residents of Massachusetts just like they have been in the state of Ohio, Colorado, and other countries."

Lt. Sarko Gergerian, MS, MHC, CARC

"When I thought I had exhausted all options and thinking I had nothing left in the tank, a fellow Veteran mentioned psychedelic-assisted therapy. It was through the combination of commitment, plant-based medicine (through a local clinical trial), and therapy that I have been able to heal and finally ‘return home’."

Ari W. Polivy

USMC Veteran, Massachusetts resident

"I support legalizing natural psychedelic therapies on behalf of long-suffering mental illness patients, like myself and surviving friends and family, who deserve legal, reliable access to life-saving treatments now."

Graham Moore

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Massachusetts is facing a mental health crisis. We need your support to create access to regulated natural psychedelic treatment options.

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Stand with veterans, patients, and researchers who support the breakthrough mental health option of natural psychedelic medicines.


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